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  • Cache Buddy: Peter the Policeman
    Cache Buddy: Peter the Policeman
    $5.56 $5.18
    These will be fun to find in any cache! Cache Buddies feature a custom icon and are fully trackable at geocaching.com. Each one comes with a unique tracking number so you can follow their travels. Made of aluminum (just like...
  • chirp™ Wireless Beacon
    chirp™ Wireless Beacon
    $17.01 $11.11
    chirp™ is a one-of-a-kind wireless beacon designed specifically for the outdoor adventures of geocaching. Affordable, durable and waterproof, chirp™ can communicate with, and be programmed by, any...
  • Fake Rock Geocache Hide
    Fake Rock Geocache Hide
    $3.67 $2.59
    A clever cache that can be placed almost anywhere! This hide can comes with a gorilla tube inside to protect the log, or can be upgraded to a bison tube. Easily blends into its environment. Great for areas with very little...
  • Flagging Tape: Dark Green
    Flagging Tape: Dark Green
    $1.85 $0.59
    Flagging is a colored non-adhesive tape used in marking objects.  In forestry flagging is commonly used to mark trees for various purposes.  Similarly, in geocaching it is used in much the same way.  It is...
  • Geocoin: Canada 150
    Geocoin: Canada 150
    $11.48 $11.11
    Let's celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017! The Canada 150 logo is composed of a series of diamonds, or “celebratory gems”, arranged in the shape of the iconic maple leaf. The four...
  • Geocoin: Key of a Kind (Black Nickel)
    Geocoin: Key of a Kind (Black Nickel)
    $11.82 $10.74
    The dragons on this coin are enhanced by translucent enamel. They are fully trackable on geocaching.com and come in five different finishes: Black Nickel, Antique Brass, Polished Gold, Polished Silver and Polished Copper...
  • Gx Logo Geocache Label (Small)
    Gx Logo Geocache Label (Small)
    $1.45 $0.73
    An "Official Geocache" label for small geocaches (i.e. 180mL Lock and Lock) with an easily identifiable International Geocaching Symbol!  Cache label has blank lines to fill out cache information including the...
  • Key Hider Geocache (Large, Magnetic)
    Key Hider Geocache (Large, Magnetic)
    $2.93 $2.19
    Magnetic key holder comes with a genuine Rite in the Rain (RITR) log. Add an Official Geocache Label for only 65ȼ Length: 9.7cm Width: 5.5cm Height: 1...
  • Mini Round Reflector Geocache (Blue)
    Mini Round Reflector Geocache (Blue)
    $2.93 $1.47
    A small reflector, same general size as a bison tube and comes with a genuine Rite in the Rain (RITR) log roll.  The cache can be placed in plain view, and completely missed!  It should make for...
  • Multi Function Folding Pocket Survival Tool + Case
    Multi Function Folding Pocket Survival Tool + Case
    $3.67 $2.96
    These are a handy little compact multi-tool!  When closed up, the tool is a mere 5cm long and 3cm wide (about 2" x 1 1/4").  The legs of the spring loaded pliers rotate down to a full extended length of 8cm (just...
  • Multi-Functional Headwear (Geocaching Logo)
    Multi-Functional Headwear (Geocaching Logo)
    $9.26 $8.74
    Original Geocaching.com Multifunctional Headwear The well known Multifunctional Headwear (Bandana) with Geocaching-LookOne cloth, multiple possibilities Made of soft polyester the seamless headwear can be used...
  • Pathtag: Craft Beer
    Pathtag: Craft Beer
    $2.41 $1.85
    Pathtags are small (about 2cm, same size as a quarter) coins that are trackable on pathtags.com. For more information about pathtags, visit the Pathtags...
  • Replacement Logs: Nano (4 GS RITR Logs)
    Replacement Logs: Nano (4 GS RITR Logs)
    $1.30 $0.73
    A set of 4 replacement logs for standard nano caches. Made with official Rite in the Rain paper, these log strips are designed to hold up to the elements. Dimensions: 6mm wide, 270mm long, space for 41 signatures...
  • Small Geocaching Pencil
    Small Geocaching Pencil
    $0.19 $0.14
    A small (8.5cm long) golf sized pencil perfect for even small lock n lock geocaches.  Inexpensive enough to have a few extra on hand for general maintenance or cache repair.
  • Small Geocaching Pencil (Geocaching.com)
    Small Geocaching Pencil (Geocaching.com)
    $0.56 $0.44
    The perfect pencil to fit in your smaller caches! Measuring 3.25 inches (8.5cm), these pencils will be useful in many cache containers! Remember, pens don't always work in cold weather, so it's always a good idea to include...
  • Telescopic Inspection Mirror Tool (ToTT)
    Telescopic Inspection Mirror Tool (ToTT)
    $3.67 $2.96
    Stainless steel telescoping mirror for peeking into or under the hard to access areas looking for the next clue or the geocache itself. Specifications Mirror diameter is about 3cm Extension: 14.5cm - 59...
  • UV LED Light Keychain (2 Pack)
    UV LED Light Keychain (2 Pack)
    $4.41 $2.22
    TWO lights per package. A UV light that is small enough to toss in your bag without taking up much room, making it convenient to have with you at all times for  "UV Light Required" attribute caches that have the...

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