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Geocaching Event Support

Hi, we like to support events whenever we are able. Events are wonderful for socializing with like-minded people. When you host an event, offering door prizes or contests may be a way to enhance the overall experience for all who attend your event and make it even more memorable. For stores such as ours, it is a nice way to get some recognition and be promoted in the community. A win-win for all of us!

In order to properly do this, we require:

  • Your event to be official, listed on geocaching.com
  • In exchange for a donation, we would appreciate having GeoWyrm.com being given credit as a sponsor of your event.
  • Please use our full name of GeoWyrm.com instead of just GeoWyrm whenever possible, and use our logo where appropriate (although please don’t put a link to our store on the cache page as it is against HQ rules. You can, however, say the event is sponsored by GeoWyrm.com or prizes were donated by GeoWyrm).
  • Please mention us during the prize giveaways and any other games and offerings where you are using our products.
  • If possible, please display our sponsor page at the event.


Requests should include the following:

Your Name:

Your Contact Information:

Geocaching Event Name:

Geocaching Event GC:

Date of Event:

Anticipated Number of Geocachers in Attendance:

Tell us more about your event:


Geocaching.com does have many rules to keep this game fun without heavy commercial overtones; however, there are things you can do to show your appreciation:

  • We love photos! We have a facebook page that can be found at Facebook.com/GeoWyrms and it would be fun if you upload photos of the group, particularly those who won the donated prizes.
  • Support us on social media. It is always nice to get more ‘likes’ on our page facebook.com/geowyrms or followers on twitter.com/@geowyrms
  • Spread the word. Our business started – and has had its best success – by word of mouth. We understand the geocaching community is quite small and often very social, so we like when we can be part of the conversation.

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