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Creative Hides

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  • Fake Chewing Gum Geocache (Magnetic)
    Fake Chewing Gum Geocache (Magnetic)
    $5.20 $2.61
    This sneaky hide will keep it safe from muggles, and perhaps even a squeamish cacher or two!  A magnetic nano is hidden in the back of the 'gum' so it is ready to be placed on any metal surface!  Easy to hide, hard...
  • Coffin Geocache
    Coffin Geocache
    $3.71 $2.24
    This great little coffin geocache comes with a genuine Rite in the Rain (RITR) log roll within a plastic vial and an 'Official Geocache' sticker on the bottom.  The coffin is just large enough for some very small swag...
  • Severed Finger Geocache
    Severed Finger Geocache
    $2.21 $0.74
    Imagine the squeels as seekers find more than they bargained for.  This severed finger geocache has a plastic snap top vial with a genuine Rite in the Rain (RITR) logroll.  Fun for a Halloween...
  • Frog Microcache
    Frog Microcache
    $2.21 $0.67
    Small waterproof plastic container with a small (3.5cm long) frog secured to the lid by a screw.  Designed to be put in a planter, near fencepost or some other creative place to hide 'in plain sight'...
  • Fake Grass Microcache
    Fake Grass Microcache
    $2.21 $0.37
    Small waterproof plastic container with 9cm tall plastic grass secured within the lid.  Make sure to place it in an area where it won't be mowed! Container inner volume 2.0mL Grass Height: 9cm Add on a log...

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