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Valemount Museum

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Have you been to Valemount, BC? There are some great reasons to put Valemount on your list of places to visit this summer!

Valemount is nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, just west of Jasper. In 2014, the Valemount Museum received a grant from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance partnering with Tourism Valemount to create a souvenir geocoin and launch the publication of Historic Hikes in the Robson Valley. Is there a better way to unite history and modern technology? The listed hikes (and geocaches) are mainly beginner level to slightly intermediate.  

To kick off their geo-tourism this summer, they are hosting a big geocaching event June 19th and 20th, 2015 and populating the area with geocaches. Scenery, history, geocaches and an event? Count us in. 

The photos above are of the Valemount Museum and Historic Railway Station (photo credit: Matthew Wheeler) as it appears now, and the effort to get it there and look that way! The Valemount Museum is a designated Heritage Building.

The Summer Kickoff Event:

June 19: Welcome Reception & Registration at the Valemount Museum (6pm - 9pm)

June 20: Geocaching the Robson Valley (9am - 5pm); Wind-Up Event at the Valemount Museum (6pm - 9pm)

(for more information about the event, contact the organizer at the Valemount Museum, see the "For More Information" section at the end). 

Approximate Time For Completion: TBA once geocaches are in place.

Associated Geocaches: TBA once geocaches are in place.

Cost of Geocoin: $0 (for those who qualify; collectible / non-trackable)

Associated Fees: $6 for a copy of the "Historic Hikes in the Robson Valley – Geocache Edition”.  Check website for Valemount Museum for hours and entrance fees.

How to Qualify: The last page of the booklet has a stamp grid. Each cache contains a unique stamp and stamp pad so geocachers can stamp the corresponding spot on the grid at each site. If a hiker collects 10 stamps they bring their booklet to the museum for certification and they receive one of the souvenir coins commemorating the 100 th birthday of our historic train station museum which was last year.

For More Information

Call Valemount Museum 250-566-4177

Email Valemount Museum;

Valemount Museum Website;

Valemount Facebook and Valemount FB Event;

Tourism Valemount;

This blog entry is part of a larger resource. LINK TO GEOWYRM'S GEO-TOURISM

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