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MHAA Geocoin Challenge (Part 3)

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Earlier this year we shared the news about the Medicine Hat Acccomodation Association (MHAA) Geocoin Challenge (See Part 1 and Part 2). One lucky winner was able to participate in the challenge courtesy of the MHAA and the Days Inn.  The following is her story: 


Did we ever have an adventure when we participated in the Medicine Hat Geo-coin Challenge earlier this month! (It’s not really an adventure until something goes wrong!). First, I was absolutely delighted to win this caching package, courtesy of GeoWyrms, MHAA and Days Inn. Thank you so much! Of course, I invited my better half, Bacon Boy Camper, to accompany me! We finally booked our much anticipated over night and packed up the GeoSmartCar. So far, so good. Literally, as we were buckling up our seatbelts, the cell phone rang.

Oh oh! My elderly father had fallen and banged his head on the sidewalk! We quickly switched cars, and picked up my Dad to take him for X-rays. Six and a half hours later he was pronounced fine with only a mild concussion.

Back to the Smartie for a quick get away! Since we live in the far south, we were able to take 22X east to the 901 highway for a surprisingly quick drive to Medicine Hat! We checked into the Days Inn at 8:00 p.m. and had our first warm-up cache in hand by 8:20 p.m.!! And, a second cache 15 minutes later. We were tired and wondered if we could still complete the minimum 10 of the 12 available caches to complete the challenge when Bacon Boy Camper had an idea… He quickly registered himself for the Geo-coin Challenge package too! This gave us another full day to cache, and he also received his water bottle, granola bar and, upon completion, his own Geo-coin!

We then retired to the hot tub for a stress relieving soak before bed. In the morning we were pleased to discover that our breakfast actually included items not mentioned on the Days Inn Website. The fact that they served us bacon made one of us especially happy!

When we actually started caching, we found that there was more than enough time to find all the geo-caches with time left over to enjoy the sights. Challenge #4 on the map would be a great spot to stop for a picnic and a stretch if you brought the mini-cachers along! There was certainly a good representation of the different types of caches to be found. None of the caches were difficult to find, but some were challenging to access! I never thought that I’d see our little GeoSmartCar rambling and rumbling cross-country through an open field…

We do geo-caching “the old fashion way” – with a GPSr. We were out-and-about on our searches when we hit a snag…. When we ran our pocket query before we left home, we had placed a limit of 500 caches; we didn’t realize that we should have done 999! We never thought that there would be so many caches in the Medicine Hat area.

Back to our hotel only to find that we had inadvertently fried our laptop! Never mind, surely the hotel computer could help us out. Nope! The hotel computer in the lobby had crashed and had not yet been repaired. Noticing our crestfallen faces, the staff immediately saw to it that their computer was repaired quickly enough so that we could print out our directions . Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We were soon on the road again, and even after the unexpected delays we were easily able to complete the Challenge before supper time and collect our first ever Geo-coins. Back into the hot tub to relax… Aahhhh… A “job well done”! After another filling breakfast the next morning, we collected a few more smilies on our way back home.

Even with all the crisscrossing we did from Redcliff to Dunmore, we only logged a total of 730 km total. We came home very relaxed and content with our adventures. We definitely plan to revisit Medicine Hat in the future to discover some more of their fine caches! Thank you to everyone who helped make our get away so wonderful!

Thank you, again, GeoWyrms!

Granny Lady (and Bacon Boy Camper)

Thanks for submitting your story and sharing the journey with us Granny Lady (and Bacon Boy Camper).  We would like to thank the folks involved in S.E.A.R.C.H. for their tireless efforts promoting geocaching in Medicine Hat and for being such great ambassadors to the game.  We are looking forward to another great SAW (Southern Alberta Weekend) this August. Find out more about the upcoming SAW IV Events and the S.E.A.R.C.H. group on their webpage or on facebook



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