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Iron Horse Trail

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  Iron Horse Trail is Alberta's First and Longest Geocache Power Trail

Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail is a 300km long, rails-to-trails project located in northeast Alberta. "Mile Zero" at Abilene Junction is the center of the three trail branches extending west to Smoky Lake, north to Cold Lake and south to Heinsburg. Traverse gentle slopes, rolling hills and pothole lakes along the trail. Crossing through ten municipalities and a variety of eco-zones from boreal forest, to parkland, to cultivated farmland, Alberta's Iron Horse Trail provides a continuous trail corridor through the most historic region of Alberta. Fifteen staging areas in rural communities, large and small, ensure that visitors' needs are met. The friendly locals are happy to answer your questions so don't be afraid to ask.

There are over 1,400 caches hidden on the trail. You are looking for 35mm film canisters and a few ammo boxes. We recommend dressing for the weather conditions; it can be wet in the spring and after rain . . . some of the caches may have you wading! We hope you enjoy the trail and the caching experience. Be sure to bring your camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities.

The trails are open to ATVs, bicycles, horses, hiking and snowmobiles. 

Explore Alberta's longest and oldest continuous trail and experience a "Legacy to Discover".  Be sure to adhere to trail etiquette at all times. See below for more information. 

Number of Geocaches: 1,400

Approximate Time for Completion: Multiple days at least, depending on your mode of transportation along the trail.

Cost of the Geocoin: About $43 for a set of three geocoins (that's just over $14 / geocoin). 

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