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Gold Country GeoTours

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Gold Country is spectacular sunrises and sunsets over lakes, mountains, meadows, and canyons; over rugged semi-desert landscape and sweeping expanses of emerald-green forest; over endless fields of golden grassland and the roar of river rapids. It’s a region where every turn of the road brings the promise of magnificent new vistas, and where hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered. Between every sunrise and sunset you’ll find a wealth of things to do, see, and enjoy, creating memories to last a lifetime. The possibilities are as endless as the Gold Country sky.

First launched in the summer of 2009 the Gold Country GeoTour offers a twist to the geocache hunt. When you find one of the hidden geocaches from the tour collect 2 stickers from the cache. Keep one to place in the beautiful Gold Country Field guide that contains descriptive site pages of each geocache location and one for the sticker sheet. Collect a sticker from 24 different Gold Country caches and redeem for a prize, a trackable goldbar geocoin. Enjoy our modern day Gold Rush! There are 2 phases of this Geotour. The second phase was launched in 2012, increasing the amount of geocaches from 72 geocaches to a total of 143 to seek and find.  

Gold Country GeoTour has done an excellent job of providing a wealth of information on their website. Be sure to check it out prior to planning your trip. 

Cache For Gold Event

Enjoy Gold Country’s annual geocaching event! In 2015 the “Cache for Gold” four day event will start on September 4th in Lytton BC, and will wrap up in Merritt, BC on September 7th with a chance to win a real gold bar! Register for this fun event at www.goldtrail.com. Paid registrants will receive a goldpan trackable geocoin! Each year over one hundred new caches are hidden in the region by volunteers. Mark your calendars and plan on attending the "Cache For Gold". 

Approximate Time for Completion: 3-4 days to earn the geocoin. Longer to complete all the geocaches in the geotour. 

Cost of Geocoin: Gold Bar Geocoins must be earned, but are free. Gold Country also has Souvenir Coins for sale at $10 each.

Sticker Collection Page: PDF Link

To Earn The Geocoin: Mail completed sticker sheets to Box 933, Cache Creek BC, V0K 1H0 or dropped off at the Gold Country Communities Society office at 1095 Todd Road, Cache Creek BC

Additional Costs: Gold Country GeoTourism Adventure Guides Volume 1 and Volume 2 are $18 each if you want to purchase them.

For More InformationGold Country GeoTours WebsiteGeocache Distribution Map.

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