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City of Flin Flon

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Flin Flon is a northern mining city which straddles the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Set in a beautiful vacation land on the edge of the Precambrian Shield, the area is notable for its distinctive greenish, fine-grained stone - greenstone, the fact that it is named after a fictional character Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin (or Flinty, who kind of reminds me of a geocacher) and, in the last decade, Flin Flon was home to Canada’s largest legal grow-op (an interesting use of the old undergrownd mine to supply Health Canada’s medical-marijuana needs). 

Flin Flon is readily accessible by scenic highways and is packed with geocaches.  Additionally, there are many other activities to do in and around Flin Flon in both summer and winter: the heritage museum, the tourist park and campground, Hapnot Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, nature trails, golfing, curling and the famous Trout Festival held every July long weekend.  It is an ideal place to start exploring Greenstone Country. 

This geocoin was created to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the City of Flin Flon by Craig and Abigail Cowper.

Flin Flon Geocoin

Cost: $11 (fully trackable on geocaching.com)

Where to Purchase: "Here" or Flin Flon Chamber of Commerce

For More Information:

Flin Flon Chamber of Commerce;

Flin Flon Website

City of Flin Flon Website

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