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City of Dauphin

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On April 15, 2006 Dauphin’s first geocache was placed. After a slow start, the geocaching scene has now exploded in Dauphin. Cache after cache started popping up all over the area. Soon, Dauphin was to be transformed into a caching hotbed!

If you aren't already aware, Dauphin is the location of the next in the series of big geocaching events, WestCan5, as Jabbywockyz puts it, "Our mission was to put Dauphin on the geocaching map in Manitoba. Prepare to be treated with an amazing geocaching experience full of challenging, fun and creative geocaches. This summer Dauphin is home to Manitoba's first Mega Event, Country Legends 2015 (WestCan5). The Mega Event is on July 18, 2015 with many satellite events during the days leading up to and after the event. The official website is  www.countrylegends2015.ca". Personally, we have had a great time at all the WestCan events, and are excitedly looking forward to this next one!

There is currently 220 caches within Dauphin and the surrounding area. By summer this year, they are planning on having and additional 500+ geocaches placed! The goal is to have roughly 1000 geocaches in Dauphin and the Rural Municipality by the time hundreds of geocachers descend on the area for WestCan5. 

Some recommended geocaches in the area are: 

  • GC5F959 The Dead River - an Unusual Oxbow: An Earthcache,
  • GC4MA6Y Water World - a fun field puzzle, 
  • GC4KKET Rock Bottom - a geocache that will take you on a rocky adventure, 
  • GC4KH4K Fishin in the Dark - a unique multi
  • GC5AR75 Outdoor Convenience - be prepared to laugh, 
  • GC5AR73 Black Box - one that will leave you feeling silly, 
  • GC4C5XT Q4C-Challenge - takes you to historic spots all over the Dauphin area,
  • GC4N5VG Black Box Whitmore Farm Troll: a very well crafted geocache,
  • GC5D8GX Bring Out the Lego - a geocache that will challenge your puzzle solving skills. 

Cost of Geocoin: $12 (fully trackable on geocaching.com)

For more information: 

Jay Kaleta (aka Jabbywockyz) via email;

Dauphin & Area Geocachers Facebook Page;

Country Legends 2015 (WestCan5) Website

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